Ballmer at WWDC? Bing the new search for iPhone OS? Of course not!

Speaking of Apple, there have been a few odd rumors flying about that concern Apple’s upcoming WWDC, its developer conference and, of all things, Microsoft.  Both of the rumors are, more than likely, false, but are interesting nonetheless.

The first concerns an appearance by Steve Ballmer during Steve Jobs keynote.  Supposedly, Ballmer was to be given about seven minutes on stage to talk up Visual Studio 10 and some kind of add-in that would allow native iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch development on a Windows PC via Visual Studio.  Presumably, you would have to code in C++ since that is one of the three anointed languages for iPhone OS development.  This is a particularly interesting rumor since I, for one, would consider developing for the platform if I did not need a Macintosh.  However, where the rumor goes horribly wrong is, of course, the inclusion of Ballmer.  Jobs would never allow someone as off the wall as Ballmer to present during anything Jobs is involved with.  Gates, yes, Ballmer, no.  Ballmer is too intense for a SteveNote.  However, it would perfectly plausible for a Ray Ozzie type to present.  Sadly, I just don’t see this happening, even though it could open up a new world of opportunities for both companies.

The second rumor is far more plausible and has been bandied around since the very public shake up of the Google-Apple relationship.  It is, of course, making Bing the default search provider on iPhone OS devices.  Supposedly, a deal had been struck and was to be announced during the conference.  However, parties of both sides have debunked it, saying only that there are ‘talks.’

Anytime there is an Apple ‘event’, the tech press goes nuts.  It is always fun to read the speculation, like the color of upcoming iPhones being white or just how much of the purported sightings of iPhone HD will match what Jobs actually shows.  There has been quite a bit, lately, in the tech press about the upcoming device with lots of photos and videos to go around. The thing that makes me really curious, though, is why haven’t we seen actual screen shots?  Most of the videos I’ve seen feature the screen being dark or the camera too out of focus to make out anything on the screen.  Makes one wonder, eh?

We’ll find out on June 7, which is a short time away.

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