Apple mad at Ellen, Kin phones are coming, a new Wii and Apple ships 1 million iPads

  • Apparently, the folks at Apple do not have a sense of humor.  A few days ago, Ellen DeGeneres ran a fake iPhone commercial during her show. In the fake ad, she is trying to show how to send a text message, but ends up showing the maps application and sending a text that she didn’t want to send.  The spot ends with Ellen asking ‘can someone show me how to use this?’ Apple did not appreciate the spot and said that it made the iPhone look like it was hard to use.  Ellen actually apologized for the fake commercial.  The apology seemed only half genuine.  For Apple to even SAY anything about it, though, is absurd.  This is a company that, for over two years, did, essentially, the same thing with Vista and they wanted an apology?  Are they serious?  It sounds so ridiculous that one might dismiss it as a stunt but, then again, seeing some of the mess they pull, it does not surprise me at all. I have to think that the only reason Ellen made an attempt to apologize is because Apple supports her and her show in several ways.  Comics should not have to apologize for anything, especially commercials, fake or otherwise.  This shows, in yet another way, just how this company can be.
  • The Kin phones will be available for pre-order on May 6 and available at retail on May 13. The phones are to be priced at $49.95 for Kin1 and $99.95 for Kin 2. They have, so far, received mixed reviews with some praising the phones while others seem to detest it.  No matter, none of the reviewers are the target audience for the phones so I would not expect them to give the phones rave reviews (though I have seen a couple that heaped praise on the phones.)  The phones will be the first out with Windows Phone 7 and the Zune experience.
  • Nintendo intros a new Wii.  Well, to be fair, it isn’t really new. What they are bringing to the US market is the all black Wii.  In addition, the console will ship with both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort as well as the Wii Motion Plus accessory  (needed to play Wii Sports Resort) It will be available for $199 starting May 9, 2010.
  • Apple ships 1 million iPads.  Apple sold a product called the Newton from 1993 to 1998. Newton was a large screen, pen enabled, PDA that some say was ahead of its time.  During the five years it was on the market, Apple sold an estimated 800-900 thousand of the devices.  They sold one million iPads in less than a month.  Impressive.
  • A new IE 9 preview has been released.  The new release features a faster JavaScript engine and better standards compliance.  Indeed, the Acid 3 test score jumped from 55 to 68.  You can grab it here.

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