Get Microsoft Live functionality for iPad

One thing I always liked about my old Motorola Q Smartphone was the availability of Microsoft Live Search. Live is a nicely done application that features, among other things, voice search. You can speak a query and live would return exact or close matches. You could then dial the number, get directions, see it on a map and get other details about your search. iPad doesn’t have a native app that does this, but there are several apps that do similar things.

One such application is from Google. While it is not nearly as complete as the offering Microsoft, it does feature a very nice and pretty accurate voice recognition activated search. Usage is simple, simply tap the microphone icon, speak your search term and wait for the results. The app is fast and accurate.

Other features include a links page that has all of the Google services on one page and a setup feature. I still prefer the Microsoft offering, but the Google app will do until Microsoft develops an iPad version. The app is free and available from the iTunes App Store.

PLEASE NOTE: there is an official Microsoft Bing app that contains the functionality of the Live app, but it is an iPhone/iPod Touch app and not a universal or iPad only app.

PLEASE NOTE:I, apparently, was not clear in the name of the application that was being referenced. It is Google. Search for ‘google’ in the App Store.

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