A week later, do I still like the iPad?

After using my iPad for the last week, I’ve come to really appreciate its simplicity but I’ve also been a touch annoyed by some things as well. 

The last couple of days, I have used nothing but the iPad.  For what I’ve been doing, I’ve found that it is pretty much all I needed.  I did not do anything development work nor did I set about to write the next big novel.  I did, however, do a little writing and lots of surfing the web.  I played a few games (There REALLY needs to be an iPad version of Boggle!) and I’ve done some email stuff.  I have to say, the iPad was more than sufficient for these tasks.  If I were to go on a short two or three day trip, I might just be inclined to leave my laptop behind. 

The screen is, hands down, the best thing about the device.  It is very crisp, and, contrary to what I though and read, it does not seem to cause any strain on my eyes.  Now, I’ve not read a book on the device yet, though I do have a few both in the Kindle reader and iBooks.  That is coming, though. Video looks great.

Now, for the irritants.  This is an Apple product, after all, and has  one HUGE flaw: the iTunes reliance.  iTunes on the device is marginally better than iTunes on Windows, but only by a tick.  It is REALLY difficult to find anything in iTunes or the app store.  It is not clear as to how to just see everything in a category and performance is really slow.  I frequently get messages that iTunes is not responding on the device.  Very irritating.

Often, if I leave the device and it goes to sleep, when I awaken it and I’ve been in the app store looking at an app, the means to return to the app listings has disappeared.  I have to re-launch the app store.  Are they kidding me?  Seriously?  NOT GOOD.

The email application is really lacking.  There’s no bloody way to bulk delete things.  In fact, you cannot multi select anything. If I want to forward several messages to one person, I have to do them individually.  Frustrating.

The silly cord that comes with the device is too damn short! C’mon Apple.  Oh, and  what’s with the lack of ear buds? This bloody thing costs a lot of money and they cannot throw in a pair of ear buds?  Sigh.

Irritants aside, I think this is one slick device but, one thing has become clear:  tech heads don’t seem to like it.  I’ve yet to figure out why this form factor does not appeal to techies, but it seems that they just don’t get it.  I consider myself a techie type, a geek if you will, and I have always loved this form factor and, finally, someone got it right.  Too bad it was Apple.

(Stay tuned for my one year update on the Palm Pre.)


Well, apparently I am a moron, at least, according to two commenter’s (see below) because I didn’t know that tapping the EDIT button on the Inbox list actually enables the multi-select feature.  It is, after all, so obvious. So, to be clear, to delete a bunch of your email at once, tap the EDIT button, select the messages to be deleted and then tap the pretty (or would that be ‘gorgeous’) red button that says ‘DELETE’.  Now, that’s what I call intuitive.  Thanks to James T. for not only pointing out that I am, in fact, a moron, but also the little hint about the edit button.

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5 thoughts on “A week later, do I still like the iPad?

  1. You can’t figure out how to do multiple selection in mail after a week with the iPad? What the heck are you doing writing a "review" on iPad. What a joke!

  2. This moron thanks James T for at least not trying to hide behind anonymity. Sure enough, edit works, but for aproduct that is supposedly intuitive, that was NOT obvious. As for no name, this was not a review. Thank you very little.

  3. Yes, it is there…but it certainly is not ‘quite intuitive’ nor all that impressive. Intuitive would mean that the check boxes were present always. Having to tap ‘edit’ to see them is not intuitive. I do appreciate the comments, though.

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