Today in tablets: no Courier for you, no Slate for you, but you can have an iPad 3G

hpslate-lg3So, there are currently two rather misleading stories floating around the Internet: Microsoft cancels the Courier dual screen tablet and HP has cancelled the HP Slate.  First, lets talk a minute about that Microsoft story.  If you do not know, the Courier was this really cool, dual screen, pen and multi touch tablet like computer.  It did not run Windows and received rave ‘reviews’, even though it was only a concept.  To my knowledge, only crude proof of concept devices ever existed.  The slick looking device seen in the videos that are also floating around the ‘net were just renderings, nothing more.  Microsoft never actually announced the Courier as a real product, though some stories I’ve seen recently say they did. Apparently, a ‘source close to the project’ told TechCrunch that the Courier is officially dead.  So what.  It was not an official product and Microsoft, for months, denied it was even a thought.  Eventually, they acknowledged it as a tech demo, which is what I suspect it was ever going to be, because, you know, Microsoft cannot, by definition, do anything cool and innovative like that.

The second story that has been making rounds is HP’s alleged cancellation of the Slate, its Windows 7 tablet.  Supposedly, they were not happy with Windows 7’s touch capability. Really?  If that is true, then why do they have an entire line of Windows 7 based touch screen computers?  These things are very nice looking and work reasonably well.  So, if they are not happy with 7’s touch capability, why the line of touch based computers running the OS?  Doesn’t make sense.  No, likely, they aren’t happy with the Atom and 1gb of RAM in the proposed device.  I can only imagine what the performance must be like.  Dismal.  It is one of the reasons I decided not to entertain the thought of buying one and, instead, went with the iPad.

Speaking of iPad, the 3G + WIFI version of the iPad released today.  There were SOME lines in front of Apple stores and the story gipaddoubleoes that you would have an easier time getting one at Best Buy instead.  I say go to Best Buy anyway.  The Apple Store, at least the one in Richmond, is a less than stellar experience with a staff that seems to be really bothered if you ask them any questions.

The iPad 3G has a few limitations imposed on the 3G: some apps are throttled, like Skype and iTunes while others are outright prevented from using the 3G connection, like the ABC app.  AT&T said the thirty dollar a month plan was a true unlimited plan, so I suppose that is the reason for the limitations.  I think the WIFI version and a MIFI might be a better way to go…oh, wait, Sprint has that bloody 5gb limit…dang.

Also in tablet news, JooJoo’s 3G version is ‘just around the corner’.  JooJoo’s maker says they don’t mind if the device is hacked to use a different…oh, who cares.

I’m off to read more about iPad, since I haven’t seen anything in the last ten minutes.  Ciao!

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