New Zune HD apps, Hulu to charge for content and may come to iPad, 4G iPhone madness

  • Zune HD gets three new applications: Stop Watch, Solitaire and Labyrinth. The two games are well done.  Labyrinth gets progressively more difficult and has the possibility of becoming a great new time waster.  Stop Watch is just that.  Talk about truth in advertising.
  • Gizmodo editor had his home raided Friday.  Jason Chen and his wife came home Friday evening to his house being searched.  Seized in the raid were four computers, a couple of servers, his iPad and other mobile devices.  Chen is the person seen in the iPhone 4G video.  He is holding the prototype phone.  Gawker Media, parent of Gizmodo, said that the search warrant was illegal.
  • Hulu will begin offering a subscription service.  Sometime in May, the service may begin its subscription service that would be about ten bucks a month and would include only the catalog of older titles and episodes.  The five most recent episodes of series that are currently on the air, would continue to be free.  The rest of the shows would be part of the 9.95 a month cost.  An iPad Hulu app has been rumored and may serve as the test bed for the subscription.
  • Microsoft has released to manufacturing the new Windows 7 Embedded operating system.  Win 7 Embedded can run on a variety of platforms and includes subset of many Windows 7 features, including Windows Media Center. 
  • More 4G iPhone news:  the person who ‘found’ the ‘missing’ iPhone has been identified by the San Mateo Police Department.  The person’s name was not released and just how the police found this person is unclear.  The person’s roommate says that people who identified themselves as Apple employees came by the person’s house and wanted to search it.  The roommate did not let them in.
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