Zune on the web: more than you think-listen to or watch podcasts for free

Zune is full of all kinds of goodness.  Great screens, great software, nice interface and a good web presence.  What’s that? A good web presence?  Well, yeah.  Zune.net allows you to log in to your Zune account and manage your Zune net account, participate in ‘the social’, and even browse the Zune Marketplace. You can stream music as well.  But, the really cool thing is that you can stream podcasts, both video and audio.  And the quality is very good, especially the video.  You can zunenetpodcaststreamsubscribe to the podcasts from as well.  And, while logged in, a nice player is at the bottom of the page.

The real killer app is, as I said, the podcast player.  You can browse podcasts by category, write reviews and visit the podcast’s web site.  And, here’s the really cool thing: you don’t need to be a Zune owner or Zune Pass subscriber to use the podcast feature. You don’t need to log in either. It is completely free.  The rest of the site, the music and video store, you do need to purchase the content.  zunenetpodcaststreamaddplaylist

The website has a few features that are similar to the desktop version.  You can  create an online playlist for the audio podcasts.  Once you select a podcast, scroll to find the episode you want and click the plus sign.  A message will popup in the on screen player letting you know that you have added the selection to your play list. You can then go find more podcasts to add, provided they are audio only.

zunenetpodcaststreamdescriptionEach episode has a description that you can read by clicking the   title of the episode.  The description will slide down.  You may also download the episode from here as well.

Microsoft has done an excellent job here and, as far as I can tell, it is browser and computer agnostic.  It should work for Macs and Linux as well, but I don’t have either, so your mileage may vary.

I had forgotten how versatile the Zune site was until I came across a Gizmodo post about it.  Go here to explore the podcast section or here to peruse the entire site.

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