Apple iTunes Windows 7 installation problem and how to fix it (BONJOUR)

Since I have ordered an Apple iPad, yes, I drank the Kool-Aid, I decided to grab the latest version of iTunes and install it on my HP Windows 7 machine.  I realized that I had not installed iTunes post Windows 7 upgrade.  What I did not realize, but should have known, was that Apple’s ability to code ANYTHING for the Windows 7 platform is sorely lacking.  Sure enough, downloading the 64 bit version of iTunes proves this out. And, by the way, I might add that Apple does the very thing that they claim they don’t want on the iPhone OS 4.x:  use of intermediary platform layers.  The Windows version of iTunes does NOT look remotely like a Windows application and uses that stupid Mac OS X control theme.  They should practice what they are preaching/shoving down their developers throats.

So, I go to install iTunes and everything appears to go well until the Bonjour piece attempts to start.  No go. I get this error that says that the Bonjour service was unable to start, make sure you have admin rights, etc.   Well, I had not run the installer with admin rights, so I try again, this time using the ‘run as administrator’ option.  No go, same problem.  After futzing around for an hour, and persuing the Apple support page-which is just awful-i found something that was actually helpful.

User ‘BareMetal’, who actually spoke to someone at Apple who knew something, wrote:

“Apple gave me the go ahead to post an install workaround in the interim that will allow you to install iTunes without Bonjour until they can get it fixed.’”

Nice.  Now, mind you, this is a NEW VERSION of iTunes we are talking about.  IT JUST RELEASED. How long has Windows 7 been available, either RTM or Release Candidate?  Over a BLOODY YEAR.  They COULD have fixed this, no?

So, the work around is this: 

  • Start a CMD session as ADMINISTRATOR by clicking the Windows ORB (Start button)
  • Right click the ‘Command Prompt’ icon and select ‘Run as Administrator’. 
  • If NOT in your Downloads directory, type:  CD usersyourusernamedownloads and press ENTER   (replace yourusername with the name you use to log into your computer
  • Next, depending on which edition of Windows you have, either 32 bit or 64 bit, type the following:

For 32-bit Windows type:

iTunesSetup.exe NO_BONJOUR=1

For 64-bit Windows type:

iTunes64Setup.exe NO_BONJOUR=1

You MUST do this from your DOWNLOADS directory or wherever you downloaded the installation files.  For example, if your user name is George, then type this from the command prompt:

cd usersgeorgedownloads

and press ENTER.  Of course, replace ‘george’ with what ever your user name is for your computer.

Once iTunes installs, click the X to close the command window.

Apple is doing a great disservice to the largest segment of its customers by continually turning out such buggy and awful applications.  You MUST use iTunes if you own an iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad if you wish to use the app store, keep your device updated or just manage the device.  Trust me, if there were an alternative that provided the same thing, I would use it.  For once, Apple should steal from Microsoft and look at what they are doing with Zune.  Hey, there’s a thought:  why not use the Zune software to manage…oh, never mind. Jobs would NEVER allow that.

Thanks to BareMetal in the Apple Support forums for posting the solution.

You can read it here.

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7 thoughts on “Apple iTunes Windows 7 installation problem and how to fix it (BONJOUR)

  1. Hi,
    I tried typing in iTunesSetup.exeNo_Bonjour=1 in command prompt running as an administrator. It says it does not recognize it. What should I do?

    • Hi Nicole,
      Make sure you have a space between iTunesSetup.exe and the No_Bonjour=1.
      Also, if you are trying to install the latest version of itunes, it is supposed to install without having to do this, though I have not tried.
      My installation has updated itself several times and Bonjour appears to be working with Windows 7 now.
      Hope this helps.

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