Zune HD 4.5 firmware update: changes and new features

Microsoft released the Zune HD 4.5 upgrade to the masses.  Included in the upgrade are the zune32 previously announced Smart DJ, Picks, additional video codecs and support for the Marketplace on TV when the device is docked.  Microsoft also included numerous fixes to the browser, while skipping one huge problem with the favorites (after a certain number of favorites added, the feature ceases to work.)

The browser changes include:

  • quicker page loading
  • better Javascript performance
  • image zooming is better
  • images (that are NOT links) can now be saved to your photo folder
  • entire pages can now be saved
  • favorites can be sorted (though I have not been able test that.)

Saving of images and of the page is accomplished by tap and hold.  To save the page, tap on a blank area of the page and hold.  After a second or two, an option will display to save the page.  Tap it and the page will be saved.  The image goes into a folder in your PICTURES folder on the device.  Actually, the image of the web page goes into a ‘received pictures’ folder IN the PICTURES folder.  An interesting name choice, huh?  Interesting because they removed the ability to RECEIVE pictures with the last update.

A few other changes have been made to the device including the elimination of the pre-roll ads before games.  I’m not positive, but I think an option to delete has been added to many, if not all, option pop ups for most media.

I have not yet checked out the Marketplace on TV option but will be doing so sometime this week.

Overall, the changes are welcome and make an already decent device even better. Now, if they would fix the darn browser.  Oh, how about a Zune with a nine inch screen and more apps… 

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