Nintendo 3D console,Google in China,lame browser ballot, Intellivision keyboard and Firefox news

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  • Nintendo’s new 3D DS –  Nintendo announced the successor to its wildly popular DS line of hand held game consoles.  As Nintendo usually does, they announced the product and then offered few details.  All we know, at the moment, is that the new device will play true 3D games without the need for glasses, is backward compatible with DS games and it’s hand held.  How it will generate those 3D images was not discussed.
  • Google’s China strategy – Google announced its new China strategy:  shut down its China server farm, redirect its .cn traffic to its Hong Kong servers, leave its R&D and sales office open in China and hope they don’t get blocked and the Chinese team arrested.  OK, I added that last part, but Google is taking a risk here.  The Chinese team does run the risk of legal action and Google could still have problems in China even though they think what they are doing is legal. It may well be legal, but that does not mean that the Chinese government is going to sit by and allow it.
  • Browser Ballot – Perhaps the most ridiculous addition to any operating system is, on the surface, working in Europe.  According to ‘reports’, Europeans have suddenly discovered that there are, in fact, other browsers out there and not just Internet Explorer.  Yep, our European friends have been shown the light by the all-knowing EU and the oh-so-helpful makers of Opera.  Opera, who seem to think the only way to compete is through legal action, claims to have doubled the downloads of the browser, thanks to the browser ballot.  Now, I kid about our European friends ‘suddenly’ discovering new browsers.  I suspect they knew already, they are a smart lot, but, when presented with a means to easily see the others and download them, then they are apt to be curious.  The real story will come by how many actually continue to use these other, lesser known, browsers.  And, funny thing, at least of the EU member nations is telling its citizens to NOT use of those alternate browsers.  See the entry below.
  • Expensive Intellivision keyboard – taking a break from the browser story for a moment to relay this odd ball story.  I’m a big video game nut, having grown up with them.  My first console was the Odyssey-Magnavox’s commercial version to Ralph Baer’s ‘brown box’ TV game system.  I’d love to have that back. In fact, I’d love to have a complete Intellivision game system with the mysterious Keyboard Component.  For those of you who may not know such important things, the Keyboard Component was to turn the game console into a true home computer.  It is why thousands purchased the console.  Problem was, Mattel had many delays in getting the device to market and was, eventually, sued for misleading the public.  As part of the settlement, they did, in fact get a few of the devices to market.  Around 4,000 of them made it out.  Mattel eventually offered to buy them back. Not everyone took them up on this and there are still a precious few of them on the market.  Imagine my delight at seeing one show up on eBay, complete with a working Intellivision console.  Unfortunately for me, the auction was already up in the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS price.  When the auction closed, the unit went for nearly $4,500.  Now, I’m a big fan, and this is a rare piece, but $4,500 for something that hardly works?  I’m not sold.  A few hundred dollars, yes, four grand? No.  Check it out here.
  • Germany says no to Firefox – OK, we resume our browser talk now.  So, there is a major flaw in Firefox 3.6 and that led the German government to advise its citizens to not use the browser.  This action has prompted Mozilla to release Firefox 3.6.2 a week early.  This release fixes the problem.  You go here and read more about it.
  • Speaking of Firefox – Mozilla has ceased development of the Windows Mobile 6.x version of Firefox and says that they will not development a version for the new Windows Phone 7 Series operating system.  They cite the lack of native development tools and SDK as the reason.  I suppose that rules out a webOS version.  Damn.
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