The EU sanctioned ‘Ballot’ screen for browser choice: still complaints from browser ‘makers’

And now, for some real news…two years ago, a browser-want-to-be company went crying to the EU about the big, bad, evil empire bundling its browser with its product.  So, the ever so righteous people who oversee the EU decided that this insignificant little company who can’t market its product was right.  So, the evil empire and other evil empire agreed that a ballot screen would be the best ‘solution’ for the alleged problem.  Of course, other companies and entities who market something that resembles a browser came out and complained that this browser was favored over that one and so on.  No one was happy.  Well, evil empire #1, aka Microsoft, showed evil empire #2, the EU, a randomized ballot screen.  Evil empire #2 was happy and agreed that that was the best way.

Fast forward two years later and the dumbest idea hatched so far has been unleashed on the good people of Europe.  BUT…and you JUST KNEW there was a but, didn’t you?  BUT…there are those who are not happy.  Namely half of the dozen ‘browsers’ that are listed on the ballot will require the user to, oh no-horror of horror of horrors…SCROLL to find them.  Well, now, this just won’t do, will it?  After all, those good people of Europe are, apparently and according to some (NOT me) are just too stupid or lazy to, you know, SCROLL to find them.  So, there’s more complaining.  Wah, wah, wah.

Look, this was stupid from the start.  The EU had it out for Microsoft and just needed something to try and get them and Opera provided the fodder.  That Opera needs a governmental body legislate a CHANGE TO AN OPERATING SYSTEM just to get its product NOTICED, says tons about its product.  That the EU has NOTHING ELSE better to do, especially when its member state economies are tanking, speaks volumes about them.  This whole story is, as my kid would say, lame.

Now I see that there are those here in the United States that think this is a good, but ‘has problems’, namely the scroll thing.  Are you freaking serious?  One person suggested that they just make the page bigger.  No.  Take the stupid thing out.  If people cannot figure out, on their own, that there are other, potentially better, browsers out there, so what? Who sells browsers anyway?  If IE continues to be dominant, what market is it harming?  The ‘market’ for browsers fizzled years ago.  No one is making money selling browsers.  “Well, they make money from your search” some might argue.  Well, fine.  I won’t use the damned search bar then.  Why the hell should Opera make one freaking penny from my searching “tallest rollercoaster”?  Opera does not deserve one penny, dime, Euro or what the hell ever they would get.  If there truly is still a browser market, then COMPETE. 

This ballot screen is like the government ordering Coke to put a random can of a competitors product in every six pack of Coke.  Don’t try to tell there is a difference, because there isn’t.  Aside from the obvious ‘ones a drink and the other is bits’ there is no difference.  Stupid, isn’t it?

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