Kindle app store and dev kit, IE hole plugged, Mac OS X hole found, $20 million raised for Haitian relief

  • Kindle development kit is on the way.  Amazon has announced that they plan to create a Kindle App store and open up the platform to third party developers.  Applications will have limits, though. Applications can consume up to 100K of data a month for free.  After that, it will cost the developer a per megabyte consumption rate. The means the developer will have to charge allot for the application or offer it on a subscription basis.  Even with the data limits, this is the right thing for Amazon to do if they want the hardware platform to survive.
  • Microsoft reorganizes several divisions, again.  The moves make sense and offer some tantalizing clues about the future of several products such as Zune and Windows Media Center.  Specifically, Media Center and Zune now fall under the same division/structure as XBOX.  Maybe we will, finally, see all three products tightly integrated.  We can hope.
  • Microsoft plugs IE hole.  Microsoft has issued a patch for the hole in Internet Explorer that was used to attack Google and other companies.  Apparently, Microsoft knew about the issue since September of 2009.  Regardless, the patch is now available and everyone with Windows should make sure they have it installed.  And, if you are still using IE 6, just stop.  Upgrade to IE 8 NOW.  Don’t wait any further.  UPGRADE!
  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard vulnerability and how to exploit it has been posted.  Yep, you read that right.  Snow Leopard has a flaw that can allow an attacker to take over the system.  The hole is in the STRTOD function in the UNIX subsystem.  I wonder how long it will take Apple to fix this.
  • Palm’s Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to debut on January 25…but you can get it now at Best Buy.  Apparently, some Best Buys locations are already selling the devices.  Both phones have double the storage memory and RAM.  The Pre Plus also lacks the front side navigation button, which has been replaced with a swiping gesture.  The Pre Plus has been shown that it can run up to fifty applications at the same time whereas the Sprint Pre can do about thirteen.  Quite a difference.
  • Over twenty million dollars donated to Haitian relief funds via text message.  Pretty amazing.  To put this in perspective, just a few years ago when the tsunami struck Indonesia, roughly a half million dollars was raised via texting.  Today, over twenty million has been raised.  People are more comfortable with this method of donating and the Telco’s have helped make it pretty trivial to do so.  On top of that, the Telco’s are waiving the fee for these text messages.
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2 thoughts on “Kindle app store and dev kit, IE hole plugged, Mac OS X hole found, $20 million raised for Haitian relief

  1. Do you really want apps for your Kindle? Really? I want to read my books – if I wanted apps I would buy a tablet – assuming that’s what Apple will be announcing in a few days. The Kindle should do what a book does – no more nor less. I am quite disappointed that Amazon is falling for this trap – the Kindle cannot compete with a computer, and it shouldn’t. What it does it is perfect – why mess with it?

  2. There are a few apps that I would like. I would like a real note pad for quick notes; I would like a better browser. I don’t want fart applications or facebook, but apps that augment the ebook functionality. Maybe a crossword game. I have my Zune, Pre and laptop for everything else. Though, I must say, I would LOVE a device the size of the Kindle with Pre’s webOS and a nice, color touchscreen. Yeah, that’s what I want.

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