Windows’ hidden ‘God Mode’, a nifty little trick to get at your settings

Thanks to a tweet from @Techiegadgetguy, I tried this little gem of a trick in Windows 7.  It should work in Vista as well.  It is something called ‘GodMode’ and it creates a folder with a ton of shortcuts to just about every useful setting in the operating system.  To do this, open Explorer and then create a new folder where ever you want it. godmodeicon Then, rename the new folder:  GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

Once you create the directory and do the rename, you’ll see a different icon, it will look like a control panel.

godmodeexplorerDouble click the icon and you’ll see the list of thing to change, in alphabetical order.  These are things like change your cursor, browse for new cursors, change your computer name, schedule tasks, etc.

This is a nice and quick way to get to many, if not all, of the common things you would want to change.  Thanks again to TechieGadgetGuy for providing the link to the page with the trick. The page is from Tech Whack, and, itself, links to another page…

Anyway, have fun with this.

UPDATE: 1/4/2010

Well, like many, I was fooled by this trick.  It does work and it will give you a comprehensive list of settings and things to change.  BUT…two things:

  1. This is just one way to see ALL of the control panels in a list format.
  2. You can call it what ever you wish.  ‘GodMode’ stems from the source of the source I referenced above.  I could just as well call it ‘HalfByte Knows All’. 

Apologies for following blindingly what I thought was a great tip. Well, it is a great tip just not as holy as we thought.

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