Some Internet fun: See Russian Relics! See American abandonments! See weird animals!

One of the really cool things about the Internet these days are the number of interesting sites that have popped up or, more appropriately, are ‘discovered’ every day.  Below is a short list of interesting sites I have found and I thought I would pass them on.

  • English Russia.  English Russia is an interesting site that shows, in photos, some of the more interesting and cool parts of Russia as well as its Soviet past.
  • Web Urbanist. I’ve written about this one before, but it is interesting enough to mention again.  This site has everything from interesting and odd motorcycles to pictorials of abandoned cities, amusement parks and military aircraft.  There is something for everyone here.
  • Dark Roasted Blend.  No, it is not about coffee.  It is full of weird stuff.  Really weird stuff. 
  • Box Office Mojo.  If you like stats and movies, this is the site for you.  While you cannot actually watch movies on this site, you can see how much money movies have made.  You can get world wide stats, local stats, opening day stats, you name it and it is probably there.

There are, of course more sites that are just as interesting as these.  These are just the ones I’ve spent a lot of time perusing lately.  Take a gander at them, just be aware that there are links on them that might take you to some ‘nsfw’ pages.  Have fun!

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