Zune twitter app censoring, Microsoft and the EU, Ukrop’s sold to Giant-Carlisle and Palm loses less money

Microsoft released the Twitter app for the Zune HD and immediately caught some flack for the release:  not for the poor performance, though they did get some of that. No, they got it because the software censors what you type.  Some not so nice words, those seven made famous by George Carlin, get censored.  Microsoft admits it was wrong to do so and will be releasing an update that will not censor the words.  The funny part of this is that the only place where they show up censored is on the Zune itself.  The Twitter page and other software would show the words uncensored.  I totally missed this in my mini review.  I guess I just don’t curse enough online.  Well, sh**.

In other Microsoft news, they have made nice with the European Union and have agreed to changes to the lame browser ballot window.  They will feature 12 browsers that are randomly displayed on the ballot.  A user can pick from one of the to be the default browser.  Additionally, changes made to Windows will, supposedly, allow that default browser to be used where IE would have been used, no matter what the default browser was.  Opera still isn’t happy.  I suppose the only that will make them happy is if Microsoft picked them to be the default browser in Windows.  My Opera days are over.  Well, except for Nintendo version.  But, that’s it. No more Opera.  The fat lady has sung and left the building. 

In local news, the Richmond based Ukrop’s Supermarket announced what was already speculated as true: they are selling out.  Giant-Carlisle, a division of Ahold USA, will buy Ukrop’s for 140 million dollars (US) in a deal that is to be complete in the first quarter of 2010.  The Dutch company says they will use the Ukrop’s name until the company is fully integrated with Giant-Carlisle.  Ukrop’s, a local institution for decades, is well known for its service, lack of Sunday hours and for its support of charities and the communities in which it operates.  The supermarkets are closed on Sundays, do not sell alcohol and have a first rate prepared foods section in each store.  Two of those things will be changing:  they will sell alcohol and will have Sunday hours.  The Ukrop’s family will continue the prepared foods portion of the company and sell the product in the Giant stores.  This acquisition will also re-introduce Giant into the Richmond market, a market that it left in 1982.  Giant Foods is a first rate store and tend be larger than most supermarkets.  I welcome them back to Richmond.

Palm announced that it lost a lot less money this quarter, 85 million versus the 160 million in the previous quarter.  They also announced that the next version of the webOS, 1.3.5, will fix the stupid application limit, improve performance and battery life.  Also announced, the availability of the beta release of the alternate development environment for developing webOS applications.  Called Ares, the environment runs in your browser, though you still need the emulator installed to test your creations.  In order to install the emulator, you also need to install the SDK.  The advantage, however, is that this is a highly visual environment, very much like Visual Studio from Microsoft.  You can read about the announcements over at PreCentral and you can check out Ares here.

Apple won a permanent injunction against Psystar.  Psystar can no longer sell its computers with OS X.  Didn’t see THAT coming, huh?

Finally, Fake Steve Jobs is urging everyone with an iPhone to do whatever they can to bring down AT&T’s network.  At the risk of publicizing this boneheaded suggestion,  I’d like to point out just how stupid this is.  I’m not an iPhone owner and do not use AT&T, but there are millions who do use them and rely on them.  Attempting to bring it down is irresponsible and I hope that he is just trying to push buttons or, at least, just looking for attention to show how bad the network supposedly is…I really hope that is the case.

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