Twitter comes to the Zune HD

The Zune HD is a nice device that could be much better.  What could make it better, you ask?  Applications.  While I am as big a believer in the whole app ecosystem as others seem to be, I do think the Zune HD would be a better device if its application library were bigger and better. Well, it took a tiny step forward today with a Twitter app.  Yes, a Twitter app.  Once I remembered it, err, saw a twitter message about it, I hurriedly downloaded the app to my Zune HD.

So, what do I think of this wonder of wonders?ZuneTwitterHDApp

Well, it’s a Twitter app.  You login, you see your timeline, you can read your direct messages, you can see your followers and, well, you get my drift.  It is a pretty generic Twitter application.  It looks nice and is finger friendly.  BUT…

…it seems to break.  A lot.  I got lots of ‘Oops, something went wrong…’ error messages.  I also got several messages about my API limit being reached.  I’ve never quite understood what those limits are or why they exist.  I’m not sure I really care, either.   When it did work, however, it was pretty competent and just as decent as Tweed for my Pre.  None of them, though, is as good as the web site itself, which I probably would use on the Zune HD over the application anyway.

If the connectivity issues are fixed, this app could be very useful if:  you are away from computer and around a WiFi hotspot and you had your Zune HD handy and…OK, I’m being a bit snarky.  My point is that, for me, there is little usefulness for this application, but I am not a typical user of Twitter nor, I suspect, the Zune.  I don’t take it with me most of the time and I almost always have my Pre, which is constantly connected.  So while I may not find this useful, I am sure there are others who would.  For that user, this is a pretty cool little app, issues aside.  It is free and available from the Zune Marketplace.  There isn’t even a pre-roll ad.

UPDATE:  Microsoft released an update to the application that ‘fixes’ the censoring of certain words.  I was not even aware of this when I wrote this blog entry.  You can update your copy of the application by opening the Zune Marketplace software, select Marketplace, Apps and then the Twitter app.  Click UPDATE then sync to your Zune.

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