Congratulations to Jimmie Johnson and the 48 crew

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Two weeks ago saw the conclusion of the 2009 NASCAR season and a record fourth consecutive championship for Jimmie Johnson.  Last year, Johnson tied Cale Yarborough for three straight championships, this year, Johnson proved he is in a class all by himself.  While Johnson played it safe in several of the ‘chase for the championship’ events and raced just enough to stay in the top ten in points all season long, he and his team proved that they are, in fact, worthy of each of those four championships by overcoming the odds that seemed to be stacked against them at times.  Just two weeks ago, at Texas, Johnson was involved in a crash that saw a huge point lead dwindle to just a few dozen points.  Winning last week in Phoenix proved this team has what it takes.  And they didn’t just win or race just enough, no, they dominated.  This past Sunday, they led a few laps and were in the hunt all day, but, ultimately, came up short.  Denny Hamlin won the race, but Johnson declared victory.  All he needed to do was finish 25th or better and he would be champion once again.  He finished fifth.

Congratulations to Johnson, the 48 team and the whole Hendricks organization.  Well done.

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