Windows 7 sales are bad and so is Mac OS X

When Vista released, there was an almost immediate anti-Vista backlash among most of the tech press.  I called out CNet for it’s almost relentless barrage of anti-Vista postings and stories that were purported to be ‘news.’  It was not just CNet, though.  The most vocal anti-Vista site was, with out a doubt, PC World and all of its sister sites.  One writer, in particular, seemed to have a bone to pick with Microsoft and he used his bully-pulpit to spew his anti-Microsoft rants. 

Funny thing happened with Windows 7, however.  Just about everyone seems to like it.  Even PC World has a difficult time putting out anti-7 posts.  But, they do.  Especially any of the drek written by the aforementioned author, who will remain nameless here.  So…

What would you call a statement like “Windows 7 sales brisk?  Can’t give it away?” What would you say if I said that because I could not sell a copy of Windows 7 that I purchased for $50 (US) for $80 and no one wanted to buy it at that price and then I made the blanket statement that no one wants Windows 7?  Why, because I couldn’t sell it for that price, I could not ‘give it away’ because, you know, that’s such a deal.  Then, to my shock, I could sell it for what I paid.  Wow.  Windows 7 sales just stink.  No one wants it.  See, I can say that because I couldn’t make thirty bucks on it.  Sounds preposterous, doesn’t it?  Well, PC World didn’t think so and re-posted this ‘news’ from CIO.

Yep, some wannabe writer (no, not the one I mentioned above, for once)  for CIO actually posted this.  He bought the upgrade when it was offered for $50.  Then, while attending a Microsoft event, he got a free, autographed copy of Windows 7 Ultimate.  Naturally, he installed that one on his computer and then tried to sell his upgrade to someone in his office.  That’s right.  His office.  He figured he would sell it in ‘minutes’.  Instead, he got one response from someone who wanted to put it on their Mac.  They offered sixty bucks.  He declined.  After no one else wanted it, he decided to sell it for fifty bucks, what he paid.  Shockingly, there was one taker.  So, from this one experience-and ignoring the real sales figures-this person concluded that no one wants Windows 7.  All of the real analysts MUST be wrong.  His conclusion, after all, is based in fact.  The fact that most people he works with use Macs and those who don’t already had Windows 7 or were not going to upgrade what they do have.

Color me convinced.  Windows 7 is a failure.  Microsoft needs to just concede its market to Apple, since PC World’s sister sites and magazines are mostly Apple related anyway.

Well, after taking this all to heart, I’m going out a limb here and will state the oh-so obvious:  Mac OS X is not worth anything.  See, now follow MY reasoning:  I work with two people who have Macintosh computers.  Neither one of them have offered to give or sell me one.  Thus, I can conclude that they aren’t worth selling or even giving them away.  And, since I know only two people at work who have them, I must conclude that they are just awful products since no one else has them.  Sounds pretty stupid, doesn’t it?  Yeah, I thought so too.

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