Office 2010 preview

There are now a few public Office 2010 pages up on the Microsoft site.  There is a download the beta button, but, so far, it just gives you a message that the beta will be available ‘soon’.  However, you can get a glimpse of the geta by going here.  The screen shots look nice and there seems to be some nice new functionality. Once again, there will be Enterprise,Business and Home editions.  The Home edition will be of most interest to people who read my blog, so that is what I will focus on here.  Of particular interest is OneNote 2010.


Linked Notes is a feature that lets you jump to the source of your information with a single mouse click.  Versioning is also a new edition to OneNote.  Now, when you open a shared page, you will see the changes since you last opened the notebook.  It will also provide a version history that will allow you to go back to a previous version should you need to do so.

Windows search is now integrated into OneNote.  As you search for information, you are presented with a dynamic list of search results, as you type your query.

Perhaps the nicest new feature, and one that will kill the only advantage that Evernote has over OneNote is the web sync.  You will be able to access, share and edit your notes from just about anywhere.  There will be a web app as well as a mobile app that will, no doubt, be Windows Phone only.  Microsoft needs to realize that there are other Smartphone’s out there and release versions for non-Windows Phone devices.

Other features include enhanced text formatting and better ways of organizing your notebooks.  But, the biggest difference in the application itself is the addition of the Ribbon UI.  Gone are the bloody menus and toolbars.  Good riddance!

Now, I realize that there are those who do not appreciate OneNote as much as I do and find more mundane things like Word and Excel far more interesting. So, for those of you who fall into this camp, here are a few snippets of Word and Excel goodness.


Word 2010 includes enhanced collaborative editing of documents.  The new co-authoring features allow for the editing of documents with multiple people at the same time. Presence is incorporated into the application.

Word on the web will also allow for sharing of documents as well as editing them from virtually anywhere without having to have Word on your computer.

Visual styling and effects have been enhanced and there is also a translation utility which will translate your document into another language.


New analysis and visualization tools make tracking and highlight data trends easier. You will be able to insert tiny charts into cells to visually show trends for a row of data. Pretty cool stuff here, huh?

As with the other apps, you will be able to use web apps to edit, share and manage your spreadsheets.

Office 2010 looks like as great a leap in the suite as 2007 was.  2007 set a pretty high bar, but it appears that 2010 will jump even higher.

The public beta will be available ‘soon’.

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