Windows 7 tips: flip 3D on your taskbar, context menu tricks, send to and making your movies Zune friendly

I came across a few killer Windows 7 tips and thought I’d share them.  I will share the tips here, but look for the links to the sites where I got them as there is a wealth of cool tips tricks at those sites.

Add Flip 3D to your  taskbar  (from ON-10)

  1. Right click your desktop and select NEW, then SHORTCUT
  2. Type C:WindowsSystem32rundll32.exe dwmapi #105 in the LOCATION box.
  3. Click NEXT and give your shortcut a name, such as ‘Window Switcher’ or ‘Flip 3d’
  4. To change the icon, right click the shortcut and select PROPERTIES
  5. Click ‘Change Icon’
  6. Copy and paste %SYSTEMROOT%system32imageres.dll into the ‘Look for icons in this file’ box and press ENTER
  7. Pick the first icon (or any that you want, the first is actually the one for Flip 3D) and click OK
  8. Click OK again to close the properties window
  9. Drag the icon to your taskbar
  10. You can delete the icon that is still on your desktop-you no longer need it.

See more options on context menus

You can hold down the SHIFT key while right-clicking pretty much anything and you may see either a new context menu OR additional options to an existing context menu.  For example, the ‘Send To’ menu contains many more locations if you hold down SHIFT while right clicking a file and then selecting the Send To menu.

Add your own Send To locations

  1. Open Explorer and dock it to one side of your desktop (using Windows 7 Aero Snap)
  2. Open another Explorer window and dock to the other side
  3. In one Explorer’s address box, type shell:sendto and press ENTER
  4. In the other Explorer, select the location or application you want to add as a location and drag it to the other Explorer window
  5. The newly created shortcut will now serve as a destination for any object that you right click and Send To.

Create Zune HD friendly videos with Windows Live Movie Maker

OK, so this is not strictly a Windows 7 tip, it is a handy one nonetheless.  If you have a Zune HD, you will want to be able to create Zune HD friendly videos with Windows Live Movie Maker.  The fine folks over at the Windows Live Blog have created two new profiles for Movie Maker that allow you to create videos formatted for playback on the device itself and/or on your HD television via the Zune HD dock.  Go here to read the article and download the profiles.

I’ll post more tips and tricks as I find them.  Stay tuned…

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