Apple works hard to keep Mac OS X from working on netbooks and wrongly claims that in-memory copies of the OS are illegal

Apple has gone on record, several times now, saying it will not-read their lips-NOT enter the so called netbook market.  No, they would rather maintain the ‘premium’ image they have crafted and keep pricing their products artificially high.  And good for them.  They have left a competitive market to a few companies to slug it out and make razor thin margins.

What if, however, you wanted the Mac experience for a McDonald’s price?  Well, you would create for yourself a ‘hackintosh’.  A ‘hackintosh’ is a PC that has the Mac OX installed.  Until recently, this was a fairly daunting task as Apple has placed many roadblocks in the way of hobbyists can install the operating system on non-Apple hardware.  Recently, however, the process was documented and perfected to the point where it became fairly easy to install the operating system on non-Apple hardware. 

Apple, not to be outdone AND to maintain that tight control, has introduced more roadblocks.  With the latest version of Snow Leopard, recently seeded to developers, now does some things that prevent the operating system from running on Intel Atom processors-the workhorse of the netbook.

Why, Apple, would you do this?  Are THAT concerned with the OS running on non-Apple hardware?  Well, yeah, it would appear so.  The ongoing battle with Psystar shows the lengths that they would go.  Recently, they declared that every time a Psystar computer boots Mac OS X, they are guilty of making three unauthorized copies of the OS…they actually claim that the in-memory representation of the OS is there illegally and, thus, is a pirate copy.  Really?  Really, Apple?  Of course, they are very serious about that.  Still, it just wreaks of a desperate thing to do. 

Apple’s desire to control everything, end to end, is getting old and just makes them look silly.  iTunes sync with Pre, Psystar, netbook hackintosh…seems to me that Apple is focused on the wrong things.  They should fix their operating system.  If they put the same energy into fixing Snow Leopard, they might have a good enough product to fight WIndows 7.  But, no, they work to thwart the few fans on the ‘PC’ side that they have.  They want to turn away legitimate customers just because they use a Pre and not an iPhone.  What are they thinking? 

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