Windows 7 ‘spotty’ driver support? I don’t think so

Once again, our favorite industry tabloid, InfoWorld, has published a stunner of an article detailing why Windows 7 has ‘spotty’ driver support.  According to the author of the post, ‘any hope that Microsoft and HP would surprise me by releasing working drivers for all devices supported by Windows Vista in time’ for the Windows 7 release. His problem:  his 64 bit desktop couldn’t scan from his networked HP printer.  Apparently, you see, it is both Microsoft and HP’s responsibility to make sure all of the crap you have works with every release of the OS.  Well, guess what?  IT DOES.  My all in one HP printer, scanner, fax, wipe your butt machine has worked since the Windows 7 public beta was released.  So, since MY HP All in One device works, the support MUST be good, right?  After all, the whole article is based on one person’s in-ability to scan, wirelessly, from his all in one device using his Windows 7 computer.  Oh, he did ‘spot check’ other companies (Brother and Epson) and also checked on HP’s driver situation for its laptops.  He found that some HP laptops won’t be updated.  Well, no they won’t.  Those are probably older laptops and, most likely, didn’t support or had limit support for Vista.  Surely, they cannot be expect to support something that was state of the art when XP was released, right?

The post complains about having to connect the device to the computer to install the printer.  The author says ‘The work-around is unsatisfactory’.  Well, he must have forgotten that YOU HAD TO DO THAT to set the bloody thing up anyway.  Once you’ve set it up, you unplug it from USB if you want.  From my own experience, because I had already set the device up under Vista, all I had to do was tell Windows 7 to look for it via wireless. It took about thirty seconds for it to find the device and install the drivers.

As for HP, they had updated drivers-for Windows 7-ON THE DAY that 7 released. It was all there.  Both laptops and my desktop.  They even had updated versions of the media smart software that they bundle on the computers.  Far and away better than they did with Vista.

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that this publication will go through to make Microsoft look bad.  PC World, the slickly produced consumer magazine, loves to put these posts on its site and call it ‘news.’ 

Anyway, go here if you want to read the article yourself.  Poke around and you will find a bevy of anti-Windows ‘news’ and commentary.  It is about as credible as those PC switcher ads that Apple runs (and have now out lived themselves.)

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