Wow, Internet Explorer 8 works well after all…time to eat crow and say sorry to Microsoft

OK, time for me to eat crow and give a big apology to the Internet Explorer 8 team.  I’ve posted, several times, about how Internet Explorer 8 was broken.  For me, on three machines, it was broken.  On two of them, I had constant issues with tabs not rendering the pages.  I’d have to kill the browser and restart it.  Often, nothing seemed to work and I, finally, resorted to punting that browsers and moving to Safari for Windows.  As I wrote in this post, even that browser was beginning to give me problems since the last update from Apple. 

Well, funny thing happened after that last posting. I got some helpful advice from some Twitter people and some readers. Plus, Windows 7 was finally released.  A bit of investigating revealed that several IE add on’s were installed, including Google ChromeFrame. After disabling many of them, IE 8 began to act more like IE 7 did. It wasn’t perfect, but it was better.

Windows 7 comes along and I upgrade two of the three machines that IE 8 was acting badly on and, guess what? It is working just fine.  Starts up much faster, renders the pages each time, feels more responsive and generally works better.  Now, I’m not sure why on the third machine it is still acting a bit wonky, but it is my home media machine and I don’t browse often on it anyway.  The only constant I’ve noticed was the 32/64 bit mixture.  Maybe it was more of an issue with Vista than Windows 7, although one of the two machines that had the problem was a Windows 7 RC1 install (which was upgraded from 7 Beta 1, upgraded from Vista 64 Home Premium, so that might have made it unstable there.)

No matter.  The browser is now working just fine on the Windows 7 machines.  No hiccups, hang-ups or hang over’s. The browser works well.  Now, how does one prepare crow? 

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