Post Windows 7 upgrade…how did it go?

Installing the Windows 7 upgrade on my HP DV7 laptop went smooth, but it took about three hours to complete.  This upgrade has been the smoothest one yet.  I have not lost any data and all of the installed software was still there.

When I began the upgrade, I did not read the dialog box completely that popped up telling me that I needed to restart the computer before the upgrade could continue.  After doing it a second time, I read the dialog box and proceeded to restart the computer and begin the upgrade.  I chose the in-place upgrade so I would not have to re-install anything.  Since I was going from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium, the upgrade should have gone smoothly and it did. 

So, how is the  machine performing?  Well, boot time is a bit better but it was not all that bad under Vista.  Once at the desktop, windows and dialogs ‘feel’ snappier and application start up seems about the same or a tad faster, depending on the application. Overall, it just feels snappier, more responsive and looks nice too.

The first thing I did once it completed the upgrade, I immediately went to the HP web page for the laptop and checked on the drivers.  The upgrade advisor had pointed out that the Synaptics driver MAY not function correctly and the keyboard filter and HP Media Smart software may not work.  To my delight, HP has updated ALL of the drivers for the laptop as well as the Media Smart software-which I don’t really use, but it is nice to have a version that works with the operating system.

Since I have other computers I want to upgrade, I purchased the Family Three Pack from Costco.  By the way, the Three Pack costs $125 from both Costco and Sam’s Club and can be had for about $120 from Staples if you have the thirty dollar off coupon-which, by the way, I couldn’t find.

One of the computers I am going to upgrade is another DV7 and my HP Pavilion a6750f desktop.  The desktop will require a wipe and install, so the back up will take longer than the install itself.

Have you upgraded yet?  If so, how did it go?  Inquiring minds want to know!

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