More Windows 7 FUD: Windows Update will doom Windows 7

InfoWorld is desperately trying, once again, to spread the Windows 7 fud.  Yet, another wonderful writing by that jilted InfoWorld reporter, whom I’m not going to name, was published today.  This time, our intrepid reporter is claiming that Windows 7 may be doomed after all…because…of its reliance on Windows Update.

Yeah, you saw that correctly:  Windows Update will be Windows 7 downfall.  Why?  Because this guy tried to use an old HP printer and Windows Update could not find an appropriate driver.  So, this person, who claims to know what he is doing, had to-GASP!-actually go to HP’s website and find the right driver, download a-wait for it-40 megabyte installation package.  The HORROR!  Oh, the humanity!  Please.  Give me a break.  Now, mind you, this guy was trying to install a driver, for an OLD printer, on a NETBOOK.  He then says that it ‘took forever’ to install and added even more crapware to his sluggish netbook.  OK, I get the crapware reference as HP tends to do that.  However, if the netbook was already sluggish, then why bother? Netbooks are not meant to be used for day to day work.  They are not practical for that.  But, OK, you may need to print.  So…just install the bloody driver.  You can do that without having to install the damned ‘crapware.’

He goes on to point he’s Windows savvy because, you know, he’s used it since version 1.03.  So what?  Going on, he says that it is just too much to ask a novice user to actually have to download and install a driver.  He infers that Microsoft should bundle every possible driver known to mankind.  Sorry, pal, that’s just stupid.  Even the company of fruit figured this out and now follows Microsoft’s lead and sends you packing to the web for driver downloads.  Being a closed system like Apple, however, mitigates this somewhat, but does not prevent one from trying to use an old printer with a shiny new netbook and OS.

I suspect that much of Windows 7 sales will come from new computers and, as such, most will purchase a new printer as well.  And, even if they don’t, HP has pretty updated drivers for the more popular printers they have released over the last five to seven years.  If you printer is older than that, you should probably buy a new one anyway.  That aside, this is still NOT a Microsoft problem. It is a MANUFACTURER problem.  In fact, I have some pretty old stuff myself and, save for a couple of video game controllers, it has all been detected by Windows 7 and drivers installed.  The two game controllers were recognized, but they did not have signed drivers and you cannot install unsigned drivers now.

Perhaps the most bizarre claim in the piece is his assertion of ‘heavy hardware requirements’, half baked compatibility mechanisms in which he actually says “check your CPU for VT support”!  I think he is referring to the XP Mode and Virtual PC, which do require such support.  What he failed to mention is that this support (XP Mode) is ONLY available in Professional and Enterprise versions, neither of which the average user is going to have or even know about. And those ‘heavy hardware requirements’ are: 1ghz CPU, 1gb RAM and a DirectX 9.0c compatible video card for Aero.  Hmm…most computers sold in the last five or so years meet them.  And even for those that don’t have a gigabyte of RAM or the video card will still run Windows 7, but the experience will be less than ideal.  Basically, if it ran Vista, it will run Windows 7.  If it ran XP and is five years old or newer, chances are excellent that it will run Windows 7.  Most people probably will just buy a new PC with it installed and be done with it.

He concludes his stunning revelation with ‘I know I won’t be taking Windows 7 with me when I travel’ since, you know, he goes to all of these third world nations that don’t have good internet access and will, no doubt, run into ‘legacy scanners or printers’.  Ummm…wouldn’t he have that problem with XP as well?  Just saying…

At any rate, Windows Update isn’t going to derail Windows 7 adoption.  I suspect this will be the biggest release since Windows 95. I suppose some people will do anything to justify staying with something that is in their comfort zone.  Or, perhaps, prove some kind of point.  Or, maybe, to ‘just show them’.  Or…oh, forget it.  I’ve already spent too much time on this.

(I’m not going to link to the article.  If you are curious, go to or and search Windows 7. You’ll see it.)

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