Kindle’s competition, the nook from Barnes & Noble

Brick and Mortar retailer, Barnes & Noble, announces its Kindle competitor, the Nook.  The Nook is roughly the size of the Kindle 2 and shares the same e-ink display.  The device also features 3G AND WiFi access.  The device uses the AT&T 3G network.Barnes and Noble will be the back end for the device, offering nearly a million books and magazines.  Many of those books are public domain and free (and can be used on any device.)  Unlike Kindle, however, the device runs Google’s Android flavor of Linux and features a small color touch screen for navigation and thumbnails.  It has an Apple Coverflow like browsing feature.nook

The software has an additional feature over Kindle:  book sharing.  You can ‘lend’ a book to a friend for upto 14 days and they can view the book on their own nook, PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod Touch, certain Motorola and Blackberry phones.  However, only a ‘wide selection of books’ can be shared this way.

The device is priced at $259 (US) and will be available in November.

Funny name aside, this device is intriguing.  Since it is running Android, one can assume there will be a hacking community.  Imagine, this thing hacked to allow other apps to run.  Maybe a browser…unfettered.  Pretty cool, indeed.



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