Google’s ChromeFrame in my IE 8 Add-ons list? What!?!

Well, after re-posting my un-responsive IE 8 post from a few days ago, a helpful Twitterer, @ego_maniac (thanks for the response), said:

@geogray Unresponsive or slow tabs is usually a bad BHO, try disabling all add-ons in ‘tools>manage add-ons’ except for flash. It should help

So, I go into the ‘manage add ons’ page in IE 8 and start to see what was there.  I was really surprised to see the crap that was installed.  Perhaps my anger has been mis-directed after all.  One of the more interesting add-ons I saw was one I did not install:


Why the hell is this here?  I did not ask for it.  I did not install it.  Yet, there it is.  I suppose that since it is from GOOGLE, I should just accept it and move on, but, I’m still a bit miffed.  Microsoft was pummeled just a few days ago for its installation of the WPF helpers in Firefox.  Who is going to pummel Google for this?  Well, I will start.

Google, what the heck are you doing, installing software that I did NOT approve?  What is this ChromeFrame BHO?  Why is it there and when did you put it there?

OK, not much of a pummeling.  Seriously, though, what gives?  I’ll be looking for the angered masses, or, at least, a few angry bloggers…namely this one.


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