New eBook readers, Mobile Me reveals your Address book, Facebook woes and Snow Leopard

eBook Readers

Reportedly, Barnes and Noble is planning its own eBook reader.  According to the Wall Street Journal, the brick and mortar book retailer could, as early as next month, release a six-inch E-ink device with a touch screen and virtual keyboard.  It would also feature wireless internet connectivity, presumably to allow purchasing of books from Barnes and Noble’s online store.  This is in addition to the IREX wireless reader that features the retailer AND the Plastic Logic device that features B&N exclusively.

Speaking of eBook readers…Amazon announced the availability of both the Kindle 2 and the Kindle DX overseas.  Both devices will utilize the AT&T and partner networks.

BeBook Mini is now shipping in the US for $199.  The five inch eBook device features USB only connectivity and…not much else.  Check out Engadget’s take on the device, plus some photos. Huh…this must be the month of the eBook reader.


Apple acknowledges a bug in Snow Leopard’s Guest Account that could result in loss of data.  Apparently, the latest problem with Apple’s flawed operating system update involves a problem with logging into the Guest Account.  Doing so could result in deletion of all user files in the primary account.  Apple says that they are working on a fix and that it happens ‘only in extremely rare cases’.

In yet another case of the ‘cloud’ getting gray, there is, apparently, a problem with Mobile Me that can, under certain instances, reveal someone else’s address book instead of your own.  Perhaps you might be the one who has their address book revealed to someone else.  According to The Unofficial Apple Weblog, the problem seems to happen during the renewal process.  Each time the user logged out and then back in, they saw a different address book and none of them were their own.  Once the registration process was complete, the user got their own address book.  The whole thing, however, raises the questions, again, about data safety, privacy and the ability of these companies to protect your data and your privacy. 


T-Mobile says that they will offer a free month of service to all Sidekick users and, in addition, a $100 credit to any one who has permanently lost data.  They claim that progress has been mad and that ‘some’ data may be recovered.  Read the statement here.


Looks like Sidekick users were not the only ones left out in the cold and suffer a data loss.  Not to be outdone, Facebook has had an outage similar to Sidekick.  Only, this time, just less than .05 percent of Facebook users were affected.  They have been restored, but some of their profile data was lost.  Unlike Danger and Microsoft, Facebook has been mum about the cause of the problem other than stating it was an ‘extended technical issue.’

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