Windows 7 FUD…supposedly boots slower than Vista

The Windows 7 FUD slinging is getting in gear. It had already started, months ago, with several articles from our favorite IT tabloid, Computerworld.  I’ll not rehash that mess now, suffice it to say, there is a blogger working for them who was spurned by Microsoft and now writes a lot of anti Microsoft posts.

The FUD machine is still in first gear, but I suspect it will shift gears quickly as the Windows 7 release date draws near.

The latest entry in the FUD game is a ‘study’ from a company called ‘LoLo Technologies’.  In this so called study, Lolo has determined that Windows 7 does not, in fact, boot any faster than Vista and, in fact, boots up much, much slower.  40% slower.  Huh.  They say it takes a brand new Windows 7 machine a minute and 34 seconds to become usable compared to a minute and six seconds on a Vista machine.

This company also says that Windows 7, ‘like previous versions’, slows down significantly over time.  I have found this to be partially true.  Windows-like ANY operating system-can slow over time due to a variety of reasons.  Regular reboots (if you leave your machine on constantly) and routine preventive maintenance can help tremendously.

Now, what I’ve not mentioned is the nature of Lolo Technologies and why I dismiss this study as FUD.  Lolo sells PC tune-up software. Any ‘study’ about performance and boot times from a company that sells software to help these areas is, or should be, suspect.  Who would buy software that helps a machine run better if there were no real reason to buy said software?  Well, if you got the message out that the newest operating system was, in fact, worse than those it replaces, well you can sell more of that unnecessary product.  If this ‘study’ came from a truly independent organization who did the study for actual research and NOT because they were paid or had some vested interest, then I would believe it more.  However, Lolo is not such an organization and, thus, this should be highly suspect.

What’s even more disturbing is the reporting of this study as FACT.  I’ve seen a number of postings and ‘news’ stories about this today and all of them are acting as if this were a stone cold fact.  Even Ina Fried over at CNet, someone who has been more fair, has reported this and did not once say that this company would benefit from such negative results.  She did mention that they sell PC tune up software and was going to ‘follow up’ on this.  On Monday when more details emerge.  I can’t wait.

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