Windows 7 annoyances, Libraries

I’ve been using the RC1 Windows 7 release since it became available.  I’ve been pleased with the operating system and think it is a pretty big leap forward for Windows, especially when compared to the old clunker of Windows XP.  (Seriously, what’s up with nearly 70% of Windows users STILL on XP? I suppose the FUD from Apple and the tech press worked this time.  People, get a clue.  XP is dead.  XP needs to be buried.  Get over it!)  I have generally liked the improvements and the new task bar has grown on me.  I have, however, found one feature that I, initially, really liked but now, I’m not liking as much.

Libraries, in 7, are nothing more than special search folders.  7 comes with Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures and Videos libraries.  The idea is that it is a single place to go that will display your content in one place.  It will seek out new life forms and new…oh, sorry…it will seek out your content on all of your attached storage and return them in one folder that you can then sort any way you wish.  The problem comes with into play when you try to access this content from an application.  XP apps, especially, are the worst with this feature.  Most of them will display the library folders and NOT your ‘my’ folders.  In applications, like Windows Live Movie Maker-which SHOULD know about these-you cannot import clips from the library folder IF they really live in different directories.  You have to import them separately.  How silly is that?

Now, you can get around this fairly easily but you should not have to.  I realize that most of the offending software was developed long before the earliest of Windows 7 alphas were released.  However, Windows should be able to return the filenames in a manner that the applications could handle the multiple sources.  Maybe they tried to do this and it caused other, more serious problems.  I don’t know.  This is, however, very frustrating and could be enough to leave a very sour taste in some people’s mouths….especially those who are already pre-disposed to giving 7 a black eye (Computerworld, I’m looking you!)

I suppose I am making more of this than is necessary, but it is the first real feature that has begun to annoy the [INSERT COLORFUL LANGUAGE HERE] out of me.  Maybe if it at least told me that the files were from different locations, I would not waste those precious microseconds.  I don’t know.  I’m feeling a bit frumpy today, I guess.  Ask me again in the morning.

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