Psystar sells boot tech, Apple owners still love their PC’s, Adobe, Adobe and Pre sync

Last week was an active news week for Microsoft, today, it seems, it is Apple’s turn.  Lots of things happening in Cupertino and concerning the company of fruit from Cupertino.

First up, Apple’s favorite company to sue, Psystar, is going to license its Snow Leopard ‘virtualization’ to third parties.  The company’s ‘Darwin Universal Boot Loader’ will be sold to OEM’s to allow Intel based PC’s to install and run Snow Leopard.  It will allow manufacturers to install Snow Leopard simply by booting from the install disc.  Psystar is no stranger to bold moves such as this and will face off with Apple in court, in January of 2010.

An NPD survey reveals that Macs are in 12% of US homes in 2009, up 33% from 2008.  Of those, 85% also have Windows  based computers.  What’s not know, however, is why such a high number also have a Windows PC.  Those machines were still in use, according to the survey, but they could be machines that had old information that the owners did not want to gum up the hand-holding Macs from Apple, they could be backup computers, computers for the kids, gaming machines, whatever.  Mac owners are also far more likely to own many pieces of consumer electronics than Windows PC owners.  (I’m guessing that many are Apple fans and blindly purchase every new piece of gear from Cupertino.)  The theory is that if someone can afford a Mac, they can afford the gadgets as well.  Good theory.

Adobe today announced its plans to blanket every major cell phone platform, computer and portable computing device with Flash 10.1.  All, that is, except for the iPhone.  Apple’s draconian app policy prohibits things like Flash and Apple have stated that under no circumstances will Flash be allowed on the device.  Now, I’m not a huge fan of the Flash platform-and that is what it has become-but it seems to me that by not allowing Flash, Apple is misleading its customers by telling them that they get the ‘real’ internet on the iPhone.  The real internet includes Flash and there are a ton of sites that, for good or bad, rely of Flash.

Along those lines, Adobe also announced its CS5 iPhone development plans.  With CS5, you will be able to use Adobe tools, including Flash, to create an iPhone application.  CS5 will then convert your application to the appropriate technologies for iPhone, presumably this means Objective C and resources that are iPhone friendly.  A coworker sent me a link to the Adobe story and the headline blurted ‘Adobe Shows Off Flash Apps For iPhone. Yes, You Read That Right’.  Not only is that headline misleading, it is deceptive.  However deceptive, the idea is pretty funny.  I guess it is Adobe’s way of snubbing Apple.  But, I am not sure who is really getting the snubbing:  Adobe, Apple or iPhone users.  I suspect Adobe and iPhone users are.

And, finally, Apple says that Pre users should not get comfortable with iTunes sync as it ‘may’ break in a future release.  Interpret that to say:  we are going to ‘discover’ a security issue that needs a .1 release shortly and, one more thing:  Pre sync is broken.’  That will be followed by a cease and desist letter to Palm and/or a court date.  And, really Palm, it is time to stop this.  Fix the bloody battery life and give us video already!

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