webOS upgraded to 1.2.1 and Pre users all over rejoice

For the fifth time since its release, the webOS that powers the Palm Pre has been updated.  Today’s update is a fairly significant one and appears to fix some bugs and enhance a few of the built in applications including the browser, which got some nice new enhancements.  I won’t bore you with a rehash of what was changed, you can go here and here for that. 

I’ll just touch a few of the bigger changes.  First, the App Catalog.  In preparation for the ‘paid’ apps, Palm made a few changes to accommodate the actual purchasing ability.  They tweaked the interface a bit and you will have the ability to download an application that you’ve already purchase again at no charge.

The browser got a few decent upgrades.  Chiefly, you can now actually download files directly to your Pre.  This omission has always seemed just odd to me, but, whatever.  You can download now.  Cut, copy and paste have been enhanced.  You select paragraphs and images as well.  Tapping on a text field will cause the browser to zoom in on that field, a nice touch.  Holding down the ‘orange’ button and then tapping a link or an image now brings a context sensitive menu, giving you the options to opening the item in a new card, sharing the link via email or copying the URL. If it was an image, you get an extra option to copy the image to the Photo app.

The fact that Palm has updated the webOS five times now, two of which were significant upgrades, shows its commitment to the platform and customers.  Many of the features added were a result of user requests. Or, so it appears, anyway.

Oh, and one more thing…iTunes sync is still ‘broken’.  Who cares.

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