Apple software update, friend or foe?

Over the last few days, I noticed, on several of the computers in the house that run iTunes, that the Apple Software Update app kept popping up ‘suggesting’ that I wanted to install the iPhone configuration utility.  That would probably be something really helpful…if I actually owned an iPhone.  I don’t.  No one in my house owns the device.  I unchecked the box and closed the update. I just kind of let it go.  Until, that is, I read Ed Bott’s column about it on ZDNet. 

Ed is right.  While dismissing the app is no big deal and the planet won’t cease to spin on its axis, the point is an update application should not be offering up a totally new application.  I don’t mind it telling me about a new version of iTunes or Quick time.  I do use those, so I don’t mind being told when a new version is available. 

As many Apple defenders have pointed out, you can instruct the update app to ignore select apps.  That’s great, but I should not have to do this.  If I truly wanted a new configuration app for the iPhone-assuming I owned one-the first place I’d go is the Apple web site and NOT an application that is supposed to update my existing applications.  To echo many others who have also written about this, if a certain other company did this, Apple would be calling for some kind of governmental investigation, the Apple fan kids would be out in droves complaining about this.  But, when the table is turned, those same people are offering up all kinds of ‘help’, often in a very rude and disrespectful manner and NOT saying ‘Apple should not be doing that.’  Instead, they offer up the ‘you can just uncheck it’ or ‘…but I would not expect anything else from an idiot windohs’ user.’  Yeah, clever huh?  That reminds me, and I think I pointed this out recently, such things as ‘windoze’, ‘windohs’ and ‘M$’ are old.  Come up with something new, people.

Ed notes in an update to his column that the application in question no longer appears in the updates list.  Good for Apple, someone there was paying attention.

Of course, in the larger picture, this is a very minor and trivial argument and I am a bit surprised that Mr. Bott wrote of it, but, he did.  And the conversation has been very interesting.  It has really showed me the uglier side of the Apple fan kid.  I knew they were a rabid bunch, but…man, they can be pretty rude and childish too.  I guess Apple really was looking out for my best interests here.  Maybe they can send me an iPhone to go along with the app.

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