The Windows 7 House party prep video and its true purpose

For the last week or so, I’ve been reading and hearing about how awful the ‘Windows 7 House Party Prep’ video is and how stupid the dialog was.  Well, I’d say the video has accomplished more than what it was designed to accomplish:  Get the word out about Windows 7 launch (October 22) and keep Microsoft in the news.  Or, at least, the tech world news.  So what if it is poorly acted and written?  It has kept both Windows 7 and Microsoft ‘out front’, so to speak and has made folks aware of the ‘house parties’ as well.  I thought the whole house party thing was kind of dumb, but, now, I’m not so sure about that.  This may, in fact, be marketing genius.  It is certainly going to attract a certain amount of publicity when launch day arrives.  I’m sure more than a few television stations around the country will get wind of the geeks out there holding a Microsoft party, provided it is a slow news day, of course. 

At the very least, the whole house party thing has gotten people talking about Windows 7, Microsoft and the big M’s advertising-good and bad.  And, maybe, just maybe, that’s all it really was supposed to do.

How to host a Windows 7 house party
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