Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac, only $79 AFTER MAIL IN REBATE (applies to Windows version too!)

Ah, Adobe, our second favorite company that likes to over price its products.  A friend of mine sent me the image you see here.  The image is derived from the Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 for Mac page.  The application is not yet out, but you can preorder it-NOW-for $99.99.  BUT…if you act now, you can get it for $79.99, a twenty dollar savings (US dollars, that is)…what a deal, huh?  Oh, wait.  Look closely there…it is a REBATE! Worse, it is a MAIL IN REBATE, on a WEB PAGE.  So, you give them a hundred dollars for the software…a DOWNLOAD, at that.  You get no disk and no box.  So, for the SAME amount of money, you can go to any software shop that sells Mac software and buy the application AND the DISC AND get a nice box…OR, you can preorder a DOWNLOAD, no disc, no box.  But, hey, you can wait six more weeks and get your twenty dollar check from Adobe.  Oh, and that is only after you SNAIL MAIL the freaking request too.  Adobe, what are you thinking?


Oh wait, there’s more…the rebate is also available for the Windows version as well.  The ‘fine print’, as it were, says it could take up to EIGHT WEEKS.  You have to mail a form and wait up to eight weeks for something you purchased ON THE WEB.  What are you thinking, Adobe?

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