Snow Leopard and iPhone 3.1 problems…has the distortion field started to crumble?

Wow.  Is the reality distortion field finally starting to crumble?  I have not seen this much complaining about an operating system upgrade since the Chris Pirillo started complaining about his decade old printer not working with Vista (because, you know, printer company’s and Microsoft should support hardware going back to the old ASR 33 Teletype.) Seriously, Leopard was a disaster but Snow Leopard seems to make it look like Windows XP:  it ‘worked’ so well, you know and EVERYTHING was compatible.  Out of the box.  Right?

Lately, I’ve been reading what are normally pro-Apple blogs and listening to Apple fan kids openly discuss the problems.  Funny, though, they still give Apple a pass.  They complain and then turn around and defend Apple…kind of like some Microsoft fans I know. Like myself. See, how I did that?

Apparently, printer drivers and software compatibility seems to be the biggest complaints, but stability is another I hear quite a bit about.  Installation seems to be another problem area.  Machines won’t recognize the installation medium, get stuck in a reboot loop, installation just fails, etc .  Some people have experienced system crashes and, according to the Apple discussion forums, random freezes and lock ups.  This sounds VERY familiar. 

Vista got a bad rep because of early issues for some-and the constant berating in the press-but those issues were fixed, yet Vista still is regarded as a bad OS even though many of the people who called it a turkey now say ‘its not that bad at all.’  Except for Steven Vaughn-Nicholls and InfoWorld, that is.  He is still, desperately, trying to prove his point that XP is better and that Microsoft needs to go backward.

I’m wondering if Snow Leopard, indeed, Leopard, will be regarded the same way IF Apple is capable of fixing the operating system before moving on to its next iteration.  Snow Leopard was supposed to fix Leopard.  So far, though, it does not seem to have done so.

And Snow Leopard is not alone in the buggy Apple OS arena.  Seems that the latest release of the iPhone OS, 3.1, is also buggy.  According to the Unofficial Apple Weblog, they have been flooded with folks reporting problems with the upgrade.  Everything from poor battery life since the update to bricking of the device. 

Could it be that the years of public beta testing that Microsoft has done is helping it squash problems quicker and more efficiently than the fruit company can? (Would ‘fruities’ be an inappropriate nickname for the Cupertino company and its fans? ) Is Apple in a slump?  Have they always been this way and we only now find out because of the greater number of users and the emergence of blogs? 

Two disastrous Mac OS X releases and now a mangled iPhone upgrade?   Personally, I think they are just spread too thin and need to loosen up a bit and allow more people, outside of the company, to test their software.  They may control the hardware, but it seems there is enough of a variety of it out there that they need to open the doors of secrecy a bit for a wider range of testers. 

Even with all of these problems, I seriously doubt we’ll being ‘PC’ offering to help ‘Mac’ in those silly commercials.

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