Motorola embraces Android with the Cliq

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I wouldn’t normally talk about any Android phone, but, today, one came out that has me interested.  The Cliq, from Motorola, was shown off today at the Mobilize 2009 conference in San Francisco (where else?) looks to be a decent effort from Moto.   Moto has taken Android and made it better, at least, it appears that way.  Like Palm, Moto has chosen the ‘cloud’ as the basis for its sync operations.  Like Synergy, MotoBlur can help you keep up with various contact lists from various sites in one space on the phone. It lets you, seamlessly, keep up with your Twitter, MySpace and Facebook streams.  You can reply to one or all at the same time, etc.  It also features Exchange and Gmail integration as well.

The phone itself looks nice, kind of like a more rounded iPhone.  What is it, by the way, with this odd fascination with super rounded phones and handheld devices?  Really, it’s getting quite old now and is, in fact, my biggest complaint with my Pre.  Moving on…the phone is a slider.  Turn it sideways and slide the top up to reveal a nice QWERTY keyboard and joystick like nub control. The front of the device has three soft buttons on the surface.  On the back is a five megapixel, autofocus camera that, unfortunately, only does 24fps QVGA video.

Other features include remote wipe, GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI, MicroUSB, Android 1.5, 3G and EDGE, 320×480 screen and visual voice mail.

Video playback is pretty nice with h.264, h.263, MPEG 4, ‘YouTube’ (Flash, maybe?), and 3GP.  It records video in MPEG 4 format.  It handles AAC, MP3, WAV, MIDI, AMR NB and AAC+ audio formats.

I hope this phone does well for Moto.  I have a soft spot for them, like I do for Palm.  My first flip phone was a Moto StarTac.  My last Moto phone, the Q, was probably my least favorite phone, but only because of the operating system…the hardware was fine.

The Cliq will be available ‘in time for the holidays’ on T-Mobile.


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