More on the Palm Pixi

The Pixi, the Pre’s little sibling, looks to be a solid phone.  At first glance, it may seem to be an inferior phone to the Pre.  However, a closer examination of the device reveals a pretty decent phone.  Engadget has a nice mini review (or preview, rather) and some videos as well.  The information below is culled from this and other sources.  Go here to check out what Engadget has to say.

First, lets see what it lacks:

  • WIFI
  • 3mp camera (has a 2mp camera instead)
  • smaller screen
  • the processor is not as fast as the Pre’s TI OMAP3 processor

Now, lets take a look at what it has and, possibly, what’s better than the Pre.

The keyboard seems to be better.  It has slightly bigger keys.  They are taller since the device is not a slider.  The reviewer seemed to prefer it over the Pre’s keyboard.  I don’t really have a problem with the Pre’s keyboard.  I don’t make nearly as many mistakes with it over what I had with the Motorola Q.

The ‘home’ button is gone.  Many Pre users claim to ‘never’ use the button.  While its absence may be seen as a plus to some, I’m baffled by its omission.  I like the button, but can see where not having it on the gesture area can be an improvement.

The phone is thin, really thin.  In fact, it is thinner that the iPhone 3GS.  The build, according to the reviewer, is solid and the back is a soft touch material (like the Q, I’m guessing.)  It has the ringer on-off switch on the side, as well as the volume up and down buttons and the MicroUSB connector is there as well.  The 3.5mm headphone jack adorns the top of the tiny device.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the availability of custom backs.  Like many consumer devices, snap on backs of different designs can be purchased and used on the device to make it yours.  In addition, the backs all work with the Touchstone charger.

On the software front, a real Facebook application will be available for both webOS devices and there will be an air hockey game coming to the App Catalog.  Both are demonstrated in videos in the Engadget hands on review. In addition, LinkedIn contacts can now be synced via Synergy as well as Yahoo! mail and contacts.  Having another choice, in addition to Google, for synchronization is nice.  These features will be part of webOS 1.2.

The Pixi will launch sometime in the fall on the Sprint network.

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