Apple and Palm announce new products: Pixi and Nano 5G

PalmPixi One of the major announcements today was that Palm has officially confirmed its second webOS phone: the Pixi.  Questionable name aside, the Pixi is the little sibling to Palm’s other questionably named phone, the Pre.  The Pixi is small: thinner than the iPhone, a tad taller than the Pre when closed.  It will run webOS 1.2 (which is not yet available for the Pre, but is coming ‘soon’.)  The form factor of the phone is that of a ‘candy bar’ style phone with an exposed keyboard.  The keyboard is small, but has taller keys and is, presumably, somewhat easier to use than the Pre keyboard.  There is no ‘home’ center button,  but tapping on the gesture area accomplishes the same thing.  The screen is an 18bit color screen with a resolution of 320 by 400, which is 80 pixels less than the Pre.  The screen is also a bit smaller than the Pre.  It also features 8gb of memory, MicroUSB port, light sensor, proximity sensor, accelerometer, GPS, and will also be available on Sprint. Oh, it also has a 2 mp camera.

Along with the Pixi announcement, Palm also lowered the price of the Pre by fifty dollars (US).



nano5g Apple also made a few announcements today.  Among them, a new version of iTunes (iTunes 9) that features ‘home sharing’ which allows sharing of content on up to five different computers and more ‘genius’ functionality.

Apple also announced lower pricing on the iPod Touch and the addition of a 64gb model.  The price cuts, presumably, are aimed at the upcoming Zune HD.  The rumored camera on the iPod Touch was a no show.

BUT…the ‘one more thing’ was the introduction of a camera on the fifth gen Nano.  The Nano will sport a video camera, microphone and speaker as well as a bump up in memory.  There will be an 8gb model and a 16gb model.  The Nano also gets an FM radio tuner with buffering so you can pause the sound.

Video capture will be in 640×480, 30fps, H.264.  There are also 15 real time special effects that range from black and white, sepia tone and more.

Size wise, the new Nano is the same size as the previous version.

Oh, one more thing:  you can forget about syncing your webOS device to iTunes 9…they broke that.  Shocking, huh?

(Nano photo courtesy Apple)
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2 thoughts on “Apple and Palm announce new products: Pixi and Nano 5G

  1. Intersting gadgetry but… they now have FM radio????? I can see where a camera might be interesting but I already have a digital camera and cell phone capable of pics or video. Admittedly as much as I like the specs of the new Zune HD, they don’t have a model with the right capacity considering I have my Zune120 sufficiently full of data; now if the ZuneHD came in that 64GB and I could choose the color I would have pre-ordered it.

  2. I was shocked by the camera going in the Nano and equally shocked by the FM tuner. I forgot to mention that iTunes 9 allows you to upload your video to YouTube. Someone pointed out to me that by putting a camera and microphone on the iPod touch would make it too close to the iPhone. They may have a point there.I’m getting me a Zune HD. My Zune 30 is getting long in the tooth now and the brown color has worn thin. I have not come close to filling it up, so the 32gb HD should be fine for me. Agreed, though, they need to bump up the capacity, especially since the new Touch can be had in a 64gb version now.

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