The Snow Leopard service pack is about to receive an update itself

Snow Leopard, the $29 service pack from Apple, has barely been out a week and, already, an update is being readied.  Mac OS X 10.6.1 will include fixes for DVD playback, printer drivers not showing up in the driver browser, Bluetooth issues, and others.  More importantly, a newer version of Flash will also be part of the update.  Apple, apparently, included an older, vulnerable, version of Flash instead of the latest version.  OOOPS.  My question here is can Snow Leopard users NOT do upgrade Flash themselves? 

Since the release, I’ve read/heard of many issues with the service pack.  I’ve also read and heard glowing reviews of the release.  So, like any operating system release, your mileage will vary.  However, I do find it mildly amusing that many of the negatives I’ve seen about the release have to do with compatibility and the lack of a lot of visual changes, which Apple said LAST YEAR would not happen.  They have been very upfront, unusual for them, that this would be an under the hood update.  There are some UI enhancements, but not that many. 

One of the enhancements, the ability to group windows of one application into one single icon on the dock and then choosing one from a pop up list, has been around in Windows for since XP.  It is also the one UI enhancement I’ve heard many people say is one of the better things in the release.  Go figure.

At least one person that I know who has installed the release says that while there’s no huge improvement in performance, they can see an improvement.  They did say that some of the software they used was no longer working, they are happy with the release, nonetheless.

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