Just turning 40, the Internet is having an age crisis

September 2 represents the Internet’s 40th birthday.  There appears to be some discrepancy as to the actual date, I’ve seen December of ‘69 and October of ‘69 as the dates as well.  Whatever.  I’m going with September 2.  Just because that’s what National Geographic says and I tend to like them, so, for me, it’s 09/02.  Anyway, forty years old is a major accomplishment.  From the simple three node network in 1969 to the millions of nodes that make up today’s Internet, it has come a long way.  We not only have ARPA to thank, but also a British chap named Tim Berners-Lee as he is the one who ‘invented’ the World Wide Web, to which the Internet as we know it owes it’s life. 

Berners-Lee used a NexT Cube computer to do his work.  He developed the web server and the web browser and implemented ideas set forth by Doug Englebart.  Englebart’s contribution was hypertext and contextual data.  Englebart also promoted the notion of interconnected computers. 

There are many, many pieces that make up the Internet and most of the standards we use today, are twenty to forty years old:  TCP/IP, Ethernet, routers, HTML, hyperlinks, contextual data, email, etc. 

So, sometime on September 2, when you check your email, browse to YouTube or Facebook, just remember you are dealing with a moody, temperamental and middle aged entity that is probably having a huge problem dealing with the fact that it is now forty years old. 

H A P P Y    B I R T H D A Y, M R    I N T E R N E T,  H A P P Y    B I R T H D A Y    T O    Y O U ! ! !


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