Security through obscurity, it’s the Snow Leopard way…malware protection? Whats that?

Well, just when one thinks that Apple will start to take security in it’s operating system more seriously, one finds out that the ‘security through obscurity’ mantra still stands.  Remember the ‘malware’ feature in the ‘new’ version of Mac OS X?  Well, turns out that it only ‘protects’ against two types of malware:  OSX.RSPlug.A Trojan Horse and the OSX.iService malware that was embedded in the pirated iWork installer.  Supposedly, however, the definitions can be updated through a software update.  Question is, will they?  Remember, this company is the same company that pretends to be ‘safe’ because of Windows.  They are the ones responsible for the notion that by merely using Windows, especially on the internet, they will be at risk, much more than if they used a Mac.  In fact, they have so brainwashed the Mac faithful, that, at least one prominent podcaster even said it (he said it once before, but i thought he was joking…he wasn’t.)  On a recent Mac oriented podcast, one person, who runs a production company, actually said that one of his employees was using a Windows PC and…GASP!…went on the Internet.  The podcaster immediately sprang into action, completely wiping out the PC and doing a fresh install.  I have to wonder if the poor person who actually used the computer kept his or her job.  The thing I’m going to take away from this little story is the image of this person, donning a cape with an Apple logo, leaping toward the compute, yelling ‘NOOOOO!!!!’ in slow motion and, when he’s too late to stop the browser, he whips out a disk image and ‘saves’ the computer through amnesia.  What a great image.  I kid, of course, but he did tell that story.

Mac users, anxious to get a free copy of Snow Leopard, might not want to jump at the first site that claims to have it.  Indeed, according to Trend Micro, these web sites carry something called OSX_JAHLAV.K which changes the DNS configuration of the target computers and redirects them to phishing sites.

The ‘new’ operating system releases today (Friday, 8/28/2009) to the masses. 

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