Malware protection comes to Mac OS X via Snow Leopard

How’s this for an interesting turn of events:  Snow Leopard, the ‘new’ version of Mac OS X contains anti-malware.  Well, well.  The Apple growers decided that Mr. ‘Softie’, as our friend Mac OS Ken calls them, wasn’t too far off the mark when they decided that apps like Defender should be included in the operating system.  That, or the threat of malware on the Mac has grown quite a bit in the last few years. 

The Mac Security Blog is reporting that the feature is in the ‘new’ version of Mac OS X that is releasing this Friday for $29 (provided you have a recent version of the OS already installed and are running an Intel processor-Snow Leopard is afraid of those PowerPC things.)  The Mac Security Blog even has a screen shot of the feature to prove its existence.

What’s really interesting about this, if true, is that the latest schlocky ‘I’m a Mac’  ad attempts to drive home the fact that ‘PC’ is virus laden.  While the ad is funny, it is unoriginal and the whole concept is sad and old now.  I wonder how much importance Apple will place on this new built-in malware protection.  How often will it get updated?  How much will they advertise it, if at all?  Will we see ‘Mac’ discussing his newfound protection (aside from, you know, obscurity) on those silly commercials? Inquiring minds want to know.

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