Mozilla Defense Force rips TG Daily over facts

Wow, I think I may have found a group of fans more rabid-and blind-than the Apple fan boys:  Mozilla fan boys.  Just, wow.  I stumbled on an opinion piece on the TD Daily site that was talking about Mozilla’s newest thing to complain about:  the Microsoft browser ‘ballot’ screen.  To recap the latest bit of crying from Mozilla: they are ‘concerned’ that showing the icons, especially the blue ‘e’, would taint users choice and they would always pick Internet Explorer over, oh, I don’t know…FIREFOX.  They also think that Windows Update would still use IE, Microsoft’s other software would force the user to use IE, etc. 

So, TG Daily published a rather over the top opinion piece about this.  It basically called out the organization as a group of whiny kids.  Well, oh boy.  Did the Mozilla Defense Force come out in full force.  Comments ranged from ‘WTF? Are you joking?’ to ‘I’m never coming back here’ and all sorts in between.  Apparently, while these people love Firefox, they don’t actually use it to look for facts.  Most of them thought that TG Daily made up the news.  Yet, a quick BING search (and Google too) revealed a myriad of links all pointing to Mozilla’s complaints. It’s as if the Mozilla defenders just buried their heads in the sand.  Unbelievable.

This brings me back to the whole ballot screen.  Microsoft’s willingness to include this ‘feature’ has more to do with them trying to get Windows 7 out the door in Europe at the same time it is released elsewhere and less to do with them trying to appease the other group of whiny kids: Opera.  I sincerely hope that Microsoft simply ignores Mozilla’s ‘concerns’. 

And, by the way, I have my default browser set as Safari 4.  I have yet to have any of the Microsoft tools that I use open an instance of Internet Explorer.  In fact, the only thing that has done so was an installer for an open source application that I use.  I love that little bit of irony.

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