RSS aggregator looking for a purpose – Tabbloid

I can’t remember where I saw this, it was either my Friendfeed or my Twitter feed, but it is pretty cool. HP has a free service called Tabbloid.  What it does is take RSS feeds, creates a very nicely formatted PDF file and emails it to you. You can have it send the pdf to you daily or weekly and you can set the time for delivery as well.  While there are plenty of RSS readers out there and every browser has an RSS reader built into it, the difference here is that the PDF is formatted for printing. So, the idea here is that you set it up to deliver your PDF during the night and when you get up the next morning, you print it out and read it, at your leisure, just as you would a newspaper.  You don’t need your PC, laptop, phone or Kindle, though you could have it sent directly to your Kindle DX to read.

The service is currently free and does not require an account.  Go to the Tabbloid home page, add your RSS feeds, set the frequency and time, enter your email and off you go.  At the designated time, your PDF is sent to you. 

While this is a nice an convenient way to get news, I’m not sure it is a service that has a real purpose for most people.  Many people have a Smartphone that has either a web browser and/or an RSS reader.  This is really only for people who still like to read a newspaper, have a long commute where they are not driving or someone who just like to read paper based content.

I like this service, but have doubts about how long it will be around.

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