Zune HD: rumors, facts, reviews

Wow, lots of Zune HD news out over the last few days.  First, ‘spy video’ of the new interface in action, then a leaked Best Buy inventory sheet that lists the prices, capacities and street date and pictures and video of the browser and on screen keyboard.

So, according to the Best Buy leak, there will be two versions of the HD: 16gb and 32gb and will retail for $220 and $290.  September 8 is the supposed release date.  I’m not sure, but I think we already knew about the capacities and release date.  I believe we found this out during the e3 conference, but I’d have to go back and do some-GASP!-research.

CNet hands on with web browserThe device is very attractive and the interface is not too different than the current interface. The browser looks pretty complete, at least from what I’ve seen, and the on screen keyboard looks like it is not all bad, like so many on screen keyboards.  It is definitely way better than the current Zune’s method of input.

The HD is getting pretty good reviews so far, with CNet’s Donald Bell being the most enthusiastic.  CNet has always liked Zune, but they seem pretty stoked over the HD.  All the Microsoft love here really starkly contrasts with the Vista hate they were spewing forth not too long ago.

Below are some links to the reviews and photos of the device.  Is it September 8 yet?


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