Marcos Ambrose wins at Watkins Glen and Robby Gordon proves his critics are correct.

Marcos Ambrose has proven again why he has adapted very nicely to NASCAR by winning, for the second year in a row, the Nationwide Series Watkins Glen race.  The Watkins Glen road course, coupled with the double-file restart, made an exciting race and Ambrose showed off his road racing prowess.  He had several big-name NASCAR drivers to contend with, most notably with Kyle Busch.  Late in the race, the two were battling for the lead, with Busch ahead of Ambrose.  The two approached a tricky turn and Ambrose made a daring pass that caught Busch completely off guard.  Busch had to act quickly to avoid wrecking them both.  He used his head and only lost two positions, which he was able to make up one spot, to second, shortly after.  Ambrose was able to hold off a hard charging Busch and Carl Edwards to win the race.

The race had its share of drama in middle and back of the pack as well.  Robby Gordon, once again, showed that he, too, is a road racing master.  Unfortunately, he’s not overly smart at times and showed it during this event.  He and Joey Logano had several on track skirmishes, which appeared to be Gordon’s fault, which led to a wrecked car for Logano and Gordon GETTING A LAP BACK.  NASCAR also showed it’s usual lack of consistency by not only rewarding Gordon with that lap, but not doing anything with him.  He, very clearly, tagged Logano several times, the last time resulting in said wreck. 

Marcos Ambrose has quickly mastered this NASCAR thing and is on a road to much success.  Congratulations to Ambrose and his team.

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