Homebrew Palm Pre app portal from Pre-Central has nearly three times the number of apps as the Palm App Catalog

While Palm may be taking its time getting new applications into the Pre App Catalog, one web site and a few developers have stepped up to create a nice little ecosystem.  Pre-Central.net has created a portal of sorts where homebrew app developers can place their applications for users to download.  There are several ways to get apps on the phone, but perhaps the best method is download and install an app called File Coaster. Of course, you will have to connect the phone to your computer and install this one first, but once installed, the application is as easy to use as the App Catalog. 

filecoaster There are a ton of great and not so great applications in the portal.  Some are really useful like the package tracking application and some are not so useful (but fun, depending on how old you are) like the Pre Brew Fart application. Yes, Pre has a fart application just like the iPhone.  Want to tether your Pre to your laptop? Yeah, there’s an app for that.  Want to put together a shopping list? There’s an app for that. Want to play a game of Solitaire? Yep, there’s an app for that as well. 

Applications in the portal are all free, though some welcome a PayPal donation. 

Pre-Central has done an excellent job putting together this portal and the developer behind FileCoaster did an excellent job integrating the portal in to the application.  Other Pre oriented web sites have also gotten into the act. 

This move proves that there is, indeed, a yearning for more applications and uses for this wonderful little device from Palm.  With the start of the Pre DevCamp this weekend, I can only guess that the whole development scene for the Pre is going to really take off.  More and more developers are joining the Pre camp (and leaving another certain Smartphone) and with 2.5 million downloads of just 32 applications, there’s sure to be a decent market awaiting these developers.  Who needs a piece of fruit adorning ones phone anyway?



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