Microsoft earnings, Windows 7 ready to rock, Apple sells more pricey computers and the EU knows what is best for you

  • Microsoft confirmed the Windows 7 ‘family pack’ – Microsoft confirmed that it was releasing a ‘family pack’ for Windows 7 that will allow installation on upto three computers.  No pricing was announced, but it is expected to be in the $180 range.
  • Microsoft revised its latest ‘Laptop Hunter’ commercial to reflect the change in Apple Mac pricing (they did, after all, drop the price a whole hundred dollars) allegedly at the ‘request’ of Apple.  Hmm, the campaign must be working.
  • Microsoft also announced lowered revenue-the first time in the company’s history.  The company really needs Windows 7 to be a hit in order to bolster its position.  XBOX and Office have been bright spots, but the entertainment division, of which XBOX is part of, took a big hit as did online ad revenue.  Bing may help that if the current trends continue.
  • Windows 7 was released to manufacturing this week.  Certain clients will get the code early.  The software is due to ship to consumers in October.
  • Also this week, Microsoft showed off an early build of Office 2010 and its online counterpart.  Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the fantastic OneNote will all have ‘cloud’ versions.
  • Apple also released earnings this week. It was, contrary to earlier reports, a very good quarter for the company.  The numbers say that 91% of the overpriced computer market belongs to Apple.  Oh, I meant ‘premium’ market…
  • Palm ‘fixed’ iTunes 8.2.1 syncing, which Apple thought it had disabled because, you know, they only want you to buy songs if you are using an iPod or iPhone.  Palm released webOS 1.1 this past week and, among the many fixes and improvements, managed to repair the sync function.  Sniping aside, I really don’t understand the need to do this, I use the Amazon store, which is right on the phone. Of course, I have been using the superior Zune Marketplace-which, even with the faults it has, is far better than iTunes.
  • The EU, savior of the European market, reached an agreement with hstMicrosoft that will allow Internet Explorer 8 to be included with Windows 7.  The agreement says that Microsoft must present a ‘ballot’ to the user when installing the operating system that will give the choice of a default browser.  Gee, I wish they were here in the States to protect us too…because, you know, we aren’t smart enough to decide for ourselves. 
  • Jupiter suffers major collision.  The Hubble space telescope took some interesting photos of  the ‘scar’ left from the collision.
  • KDE gets a facelift.  KDE, if you do not know, is one of the MANY interface/window managers available for Linux.  It got lots of new eye candy that will…oh, who cares.  If you want to check it out, VirtualBox 3.x will allow that without messing up your system.
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