webOS updated to 1.1, iTunes sync restored

Well, that was brief.  Apple releases iTunes 8.2.1 to break syncing with the Pre and Palm releases webOS 1.1 and restores that ability.  In fact, 1.1 does that and quite a bit more.  Performance seems to be improved, Exchange support is better. Some of the system sounds are different.  Drop down menus have new animations.  The photo app is improved.  You can now email memos.  The browser has a few changes, including a different font.  The JavaScript interpreter has been enhanced (hence the aforementioned performance improvement.)  Sprint added a spiffy new NFL app that is much like the NASCAR app (even down to the cry ‘I can’t remove this.) 

For the corporation, Exchange support also includes remote wipe and more profiles.

That Palm has released three system upgrades since the device was released just over a month ago proves that they responsive and probably released the phone a bit early.  The hardware was probably fully baked before the webOS was.  I’m not going to criticize Palm for releasing the product when they did, I wanted the phone way before June 6.  At any rate, Palm is fixing the OS and enhancing it at the same time.  No complaints here about that and Palm is certainly a lot faster at it than another certain company.

If you own a Pre and have not updated, go to that update app and download it.  It is a worthwhile update.

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